The Physician World Shared Practice Forum Podcast

OpenPediatrics has World Shared Practice Forums in both video and podcast format & we’re delighted to share with you the latest Physician World Shared Practice Forum Podcast.

In this World Shared Practice Forum podcast, Dr. Christina VanderPluym, Co-Director of the Stroke and Cerebral Vascular Center and Medical Director of the Cardiac Anti-thrombosis Management and Monitoring Program at Boston Children’s Hospital, discusses emerging concepts in managing the anticoagulation of extracorporeal support devices, with a focus on reducing complications such as hemorrhage and thrombosis. She shares her views on the therapeutic offerings currently available for anticoagulation in pediatric mechanical circulatory support, as well as insights into her own clinical practice, along with data from the pediatric ventricular assist device population.

Upon listening to this presentation, learners should be able to:

  • Describe the current state of anticoagulation therapy and monitoring in pediatric extracorporeal support
  • Compare the advantages and limitations of heparin and bivalirudin for pediatric anticoagulation
  • Identify areas of future promise in the field of pediatric anticoagulation for extracorporeal devices

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