Outstanding sepsis abstracts recognized during WFPICCS22!

We’re delighted to announce that the Joint ISF & WFPICCS Sepsis Awards were presented at the WFPICCS2022 congress on July 16th.

The purpose of the ISF & WFPICCS Sepsis Award is to recognize an outstanding abstract on a sepsis-related topic submitted to the 2022 WFPICCS congress.

We’re extremely grateful to the International Sepsis Forum (ISF) for their generous support and commitment to not only raising awareness but also improving outcomes for children diagnosed with sepsis.

The winning abstracts were:

1.Validation of Pediatric Organ Dysfunction Scores in Children with Blood culture Proven Infection – a National Prospective Cohort Study

Luregn J Schlapbach1, Sabrina Goertz1, Niesl Hagenbuch2, Blandine Aubert3, Sebastien Papis10, Eric Giannoni3, Klara M Posfay Barbe10, Martin Stocker4, Ulrich Heininger5, Sara Bernhard6, Anita Niederer Loher7, Christian Kahlert7, Giancarlo Natalucci8, Christa Relly1, Thomas Riedel9, Christoph Aebi2, Christoph Berger1, Philipp Agyeman2

2. Individual illness dynamics: An analysis of children with sepsis admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit

Sherry Kausch, Brynne A Sullivan, Michael C Spaeder, Jessica Keim Malpass


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