Medical Students

Medical Student Elective

Whilst the following units accept medical students for their medical electives/observerships, there is no WFPICCS obligation for them to accept applications.  The list is designed to be a starting point, it is not exhaustive, and is a work in progress! Browse the list here and let us know if questions or know of other PICUs who offer electives. We look forward to receiving your feedback.

Dominic Wooldridge completed his elective with Dr Intikhab Zafurallah (Zaf) at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, UK & observed the PIC team in the unit & on retrievals. He was also delegated 1-2 patients a day (alongside the regular PIC docs), to assess, learn from, be involved in decision making (often low level decisions), and then present on evening rounds.

It has become evident that the definition of elective varies worldwide, but in the UK it is a compulsory element of the undergraduate medical curriculum to allow students to experience areas of medicine in which they are interested/ have very little experience. Often these take place in a variety of worldwide destinations. Sometimes these are called observerships. Drop us a line and let us know what they’re called in your country.