WFPICCS strives to create a platform to ensure that all health professionals working in the PICU are included in WFPICCS’ activities. WFPICCS has created a structure that its core committees include a physician, nursing and AHP co-chairs and making sure each profession is represented in each committee.   WFPICCS is working with regional members and stakeholders to strengthen the nursing voice globally.


In 2024, the first session of the  WFPICCS Nursing Webinar Series focused on Strategies for Nurse Retention in Pediatric Critical Care: Addressing Moral Distress and Beyond.”  Our speakers from the US, South Africa, the UK, and Sweden explore strategies that are applicable to all resource-setting health systems.

Don’t miss this valuable webinar – watch it here


To celebrate the Year of the Nurse back in 2020,  WFPICCS organised two Taking Stock’ webinars – Taking Stock of PedsICU Nursing which solely focused on PedsICU and pediatric/neonatal nursing.

The webinars covered some pertinent topics and the questions raised addressed both the high and low and middle resource setting perspective.  Following the webinars, Lauren Sorce, the immediate past vice president of nursing is working with the webinars speakers to create a Year of the Nurse Manuscript which will cover topics such as a) Preparation of the workforce; b) Care for Patients and Nurses/Work Environments; and c) Future Opportunities.  Part 2 of this initiative will be led by Ann-Marie Brown the current nursing vice president working on a WFPICCS position paper on Nursing in the PICU.