Allied Health Professionals

WFPICCS strives to create a platform to ensure that all health professionals working in the PICU are included in WFPICCS’ activities. WFPICCS has created a structure that its core committees include a physician, nursing and AHP co-chairs and making sure each profession is represented in each committee. It also created a separate AHP Committee which will work to establish a plan and strategy that addresses the needs of the global AHP community while advancing the goals and mission of WFPICCS.

The AHP Committee will:

  • Identify membership benefits that will encourage AHP related organisations to join WFPICCS.
  • Develop a strategy to give AHPs a voice in regions where the AHP profession is not yet recognised.
  • Identify topics relevant to the various regions and hold quarterly webinars.
  • Develop a strategy to attract more AHPs to the WFPICCS congress.
  • Create an AHP list with individuals which can be approached to speak at the congress or serve on committees.

Watch the webinars for the multidisciplinary #PedsICU team  here