Research Webinars

Taking Stock of Pediatric Intensive Care Research During a Global Public Health Emergency”

WFPICCS organised two webinars, “Taking Stock of Pediatric Intensive Care Research During a Global Public Health Emergency.”  The webinars took place on 27th July 2020 and 13th August 2020 respectively. Both webinars were chaired by the WFPICCS20 Research Consortia Chairs, Drs Lauren Sorce, Ira Cheifetz and Sebastián González.

The aim of the webinar was to gain insight into the effects the pandemic have had on research in different resource settings and if the PedsICU community could or should do anything differently to improve research outcomes looking toward the short- and long-term future.  Detailed program can be found here

Session 1 – 27th July, 2020:

Moderator: Lauren Sorce

Q&A:  Sebastián González

Topics & Speakers

1. Research While Most Eyes Are on Clinical Care – ethics & governance

  • Anna Camporesi (Italy)
  • Judith Wong (Singapore)
  • Ezequiel Monteverde (Argentina)
  • Cíntia Johnston (Brazil)

2. Research Best Practices – approvals, screening, consent, and data collection

  • Donna Franklin (Australia)
  • Laurie Lee (Canada)
  • Pablo Vásquez-Hoyos (Colombia)
  • Daniela De Souza (Brazil)

Summary & Twitter thread

Session 1 gave a broad swath of information from researchers from all resource settings and their associated PICUs. Many of the issues that the speakers shared had the same conceptual thread of closure, collaborations, cancellations, changes with the IRB and accessing subjects and data collection. The absence of an Electronic Health Records (EHRs) posed various challenges within the different areas. It is hoped that the webinar provides a springboard for ongoing communication, research collaboration and strategy sessions to improve our research efforts.

Twitter thread – thanks Sebastián.


Session 2  – 13th August, 2020:  

Moderator: Ira Cheifetz

Q&A:  Sebastián González & Lauren Sorce


1. Collaborations

  • Srinivas Murthy (Canada)
  • Lyvonne Tume PhD, RN (UK)
  • Arun Bansal (India)
  • Sandy Staveski (USA)

 2. Communications

  • Miguel Rodríguez Rubio (Spain)
  • Sapna Kudchadkar (USA)
  • Roberta Esteves Vieira de Castro (Brazil)
  • Sunit Singhi (India)

Summary & Twitter thread

Session 2 has highlighted the need to foster greater collaboration and communication around PedsICU research not only between the different resource settings but also at a global level.   Key factors for successful collaborations between resource constrained and high resource settings is building strong relationships and trust.  It was also noted that Pediatric critical care delivers suboptimal outcomes if it does not engage other specialties.  Social media can be an excellent tool for science dissemination, helping to avoid misinformation when you use validated, high quality & peer-reviewed information, it also provides an opportunity to engage with the diverse PedsICU community.

Twitter thread – thanks Sebastián.



Questions not answered during the webinar

Q1. Do WFPICCS have a forum to cultivate collaborations?  Whilst this may be enabled at a society level is there something for individuals/groups?

  • A1.  Yes, for groups this would be the Research Consortium Working Group and anyone interested can learn more here  Please contact WFPICCS if your group wishes to be a part of this initiative.  We do have some plans for individuals as well and this will be communicated in the coming weeks.

Q2.  How can a Fellow / Junior Faculty from low income country collaborate with Institutes from high income countries …….Can we have training modules available online where they can interact directly with faculties from HIC

  • A2. WFPICCS is working on a variety of resources to help those starting out in research and a mentorship aspect is planned.  Given that zoom and other virtual communication is now the norm, we expect that online interaction will play a major part in mentorship.