WFPICCS Statement on Climate Change

Climate change is one of the critical global challenges of our time, with significant current and potential future impact on child health globally. In line with statements and policies by the World Health Organisation (WHO), WFPICCS envisages the provision of pediatric intensive and critical care services across the world that can provide equitable, appropriate and high-level healthcare to children, whilst minimizing negative impacts on the environment and leveraging opportunities to restore and improve the environment, in order to benefit the health and well-being of current and future generations.

As such, WFPICCS is committed to supporting and promoting an environmentally sustainable approach to pediatric intensive and critical care across the world, through reduction of emissions, sustainable waste management, efficient resource management, sustainable procurement, prioritisation of disease prevention and health promotion, health workforce engagement, and promotion of innovative models of care, amongst others.

WFPICCS and its PCO, Kenes Group, are working hard to make our global biennial congresses as environmentally friendly as possible.  We believe the face-to-face aspect of our biennial congresses is an important and valuable contribution to the future development of our speciality not only in the region in question but globally.  In-person interactions at our congresses have triggered many notable collaborations including clinical projects, research, and educational activities, which stand to benefit child health globally. We encourage our congress participants to travel responsibly by providing the option of joining the congress through our virtual platform.

With the ongoing uncertainty caused by the global pandemic, WFPICCS22 will be a virtual congress.