Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

May 2021

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Date: 8 May 2021, Saturday

Time: 18.00 EST / 17.00 CDT / 15.00 PDT

Title: A day in the life in the PICU – a North American perspective

Objective: To highlight the multi-disciplinary nature of our respective PICUs by having colleagues from different disciplines discuss their role in the PICU and reflect on the question of what is made possible for our patients through collaboration

  1. Collaborator Videos:  ~ 3-5 minute videos from each of the following groups that describe what they do, how collaboration improves care for patients, and how this changes what we are capable of doing in our units.
    1. Respiratory Therapy
    2. Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy/Speech Therapy
    3. Perfusionist (ECMO Specialist)
    4. Pharmacist/Nutritionist
    5. Bedside nurse/Wound Care Nurse
    6. Child Life – School Educator, Music Therapy, Pet Therapy, Art Therapy
    7. Case Manager/Social Worker
    8. Front line providers (Residents, Fellows, APPs)
    9. Palliative/Pain teams (Urban Zen)
  • Panel Discussion: collect questions from participants to addressed by our group
  • Conclusion – a slide show of pictures (HIPPAA appropriate) from our units.

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Date: 9 May 2021, Sunday

Time: 19.00 CLT /  20.00 BRT / 16.00 PDT

Title:  PICUs in Latin America

  1. Reality of health professionals working in pediatric intensive care units in Latin American
    countries / Realidad de los profesionales que trabajan en las UCIPs de los paises de latinoamerica (PT. Sebastián Godoy Salinas, Chile).
  2. Role of the family in the PICU / La familia en las unidades de paciente critico pediatrico.  (Nurse Natalia Henao, Nurse Adriana Ramirez, Colombia)
  3. Collaborative multidisciplinary research group for the production of scientific evidence in
    Latin America, in pediatric intensive care /Investigación clínica multiprofesional en UTI Pediatrica en Latinoamerica. (PT. PhD. Cintia Johnston, Brazil)

Moderators: Werther Brunow Carvalho and Pietro Pietroboni

Followed by Live Q & A session

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Date: 10 May 2021, Monday

Time: 18.00 AEST / 20.00 NZST

Title: From Outback to Critical Care

Summary: The team from Oceania present the challenges faced in supporting paediatric critical services across the diverse state of Queensland. They look at the changes in culture within PICU and the positive impact on children, families and the workforce and then look to the future in team working. This is translated into the current collaborative global research being undertaken and lessons learnt are shared.

Presentations – Speakers

  1. Paediatric Critical Care Retrievals in Queensland: Paul Holmes (Director); Ann Maree Brady (Clinical Nurse Consultant); Florian Pracher (PICU Staff Specialist), Australia
  2. Cultural Change in PICU: Liberation & staff wellbeing
  3. Alexandra (Ali) Ferguson, (Physiotherapist Advanced Critical Care); Rahul Joshi, (Staff Specialist PICU/CCCU),  Australia
  4. Future Directions: team working & research collaborations: Paula Lister (Director PCCU); Debbie Long (Assoc. Prof, QUT School of Nursing), Australia

Followed by Live Q & A session

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Date: 11 May 2021, Tuesday

Time: 17.00 SAST / 15.00 GMT

Title: Critical Care Diversity in Africa – Building capacity

Presentations – Speakers

  1. Critical care needs across Africa – Elizabeth Molyneux (Malawi, Paediatrics)
  2.  Training in Critical care, African Fellowship Program – Charlyne Kilba (Ghana, PICU)
  3. Setting up PICU where none previously available – John Appiah  (Ghana, PICU)
  4. Using high tech in low tech environments (Peritoneal Dialysis)- Mignon McCulloch (South Africa, PICU, Renal)
  5. Nursing perspectives throughout Africa in Critical Care – Minette Coetzee (South Africa, Paediatric Critical Care Nursing)
  6. Covid response in resource limited setting – Ilse Appel, Noor Parker  (South Africa, PICU)

Followed by Live Q & A session:  Session Chair: Brenda Morrow

  • Experiences of Covid across Africa
  • ICU Bed Availability across Africa – inequalities, current situation, how to improve
  • Critical care needs across Africa, Teams in PICU
  • WFPICCS 2022 introduction – poster display

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Date: 12 May 2021, Wednesday

Time: 14:30 PKT / 15:00 IST / 17:30 PHST / 18:30 KST

Title: Current state of PICUs in Asia: learning from the past and embracing the future

Introduction and inauguration of the ‘World PICU awareness week 2021’ to the audience – live by the committee members.

  1.  The past – challenges and barriers in PICU in Asia – Alvin C. Florentino, Mellinor A. Ang, Rodelia G. Cipriano (The Philippines)
  2. Current state and scope of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Training in Asia – Milind Jambagi (India)
  3. Current state and scope of Pediatric Critical Care Nursing in Asia – Deepika Harish (India)
  4. Challenges and Priorities for the Pediatric Critical Care Physician in the LMICs – Sidra Ishaque (Pakistan)
  5. Impact and Potential opportunities of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine in LMICs – Qalab Abbas (Pakistan)
  6. Status and scope of research in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine in Asia – Hwa Jin Cho (South Korea)
  7. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine in LMICs & Asia: Future directions?  – Rakshay Shetty (India)

Followed by Live Q & A session 

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Date: 13 May 2021, Thursday

Time: 13.00 BST / 14.00 CST / 16.00 GST

Theme: Extending the boundaries of multi-disciplinary research through collaboration

Objective:  Focusing on critical care research, we will discuss what people do in different areas within our regions.  More specifically, we will be looking at how research can be encouraged and streamlined and how we can collaborate across disciplines and continents.

  1. Collaborative International Research Moving Forwards In The Face Of Challenges -Waleed Alhazzani (Canada)
  2. Nursing Lead In Collaborative Research – Joseph Manning (UK) & Paulien Raymakers- Janssen (The Netherlands)
  3. Navigating Funding and legislation – Mark Peters (UK)
  4. Epidemiology, Datasets and Collaborative Research: what does the field need to know? – Robert Tasker (UK)

Followed by Live Q & A session 

Date: 14 May 2021, Friday

Welcome and opening by WFPICCS President, Satoshi Nakagawa; WFPICCS President-elect, Brenda Morrow; WFPICCS Vice President Nursing & World PICU Awareness Week Committee Co-Chair Ann-Marie and World PICU Awareness Week Committee Co-Chair, Luca Tortorolo.

Three (3)  interdisciplinary reps from each region will be asked the same three (3) questions:

  1. What is changing now in your PICU that will have the most lasting impact in your multidisciplinary PICU care?
  2. What is the biggest challenge you see in your PICU practice in the next 5 years?
  3. What do you see as the role of the family in improving PICU outcomes?