Ethical code relationship between WFPICCS and Sponsorships

The partnership between the World Federation of Pediatric and Critical Care Societies (WFPICCS) and sponsors (such as industry, pharmaceutical companies, commercial firms, private foundations, international and/or governmental organizations) is desirable. However, both parties have divergent views and priorities. The vision of WFPICCS is exclusively educational, scientific and charitable in nature. By contrast the primary interest of a industrial or pharmaceutical company is to make profit. Therefore, a clear separation of both WFPICCS and sponsors’ roles is essential.

The following principles provide a framework that summarize the relationships and interactions between WFPICCS and sponsorships. They are expressed in general terms. They serve only as starting points for defining what is desirable, but they are not exhaustive.

  • The relationships between the sponsor and WFPICCS must be transparent.
  • The sponsors’ activities cannot be in contradiction with WFPICCS missions.
  • A signed engagement between WFPICCS and the sponsor must specify the basis of their partnerships.
  • This written engagement must be approved by the WFPICCS Board of directors.
  • The sponsor must respect WFPICCS independence and integrity.
  • The sponsor and WFPICCS must disclose any potential conflicts of interest.
  • Partnerships with sponsors must be reported at the WFPICCS general assembly.
  • The sponsors cannot control over scientific content, faculty, educational methods material and venues of WFPICCS meetings and educational activities.
  • WFPICCS cannot endorse or promote specific products, material and services which are not in consonance with WFPICCS’s objectives.
  • WFPICCS board of officers/directors cannot accept personal gifts from any sponsors.

Our Sponsors

We would like to warmly thank all our sponsors for their generous contributions which greatly supported WFPICCS activities.

We would also like to send special thanks to our long-term partners for their continued support and trust in WFPICCS.

2014 Donors

Prof. Niranjan (Tex) Kissoon, Vancouver, Canada

2013 Donors

Dr. Alan Duncan, Perth, Western Australia
Prof. Niranjan (Tex) Kissoon, Vancouver, Canada