2024 World PICU Awareness Week & Day

2024 World PICU Awareness Week & Day

The World PICU Awareness Week Committee exists to raise awareness about #PedsICU in general and any important themes impacting the specialty by engaging members and key stakeholders in awareness and advocacy activities at a global and regional level.  This 7 day event culminates in World PICU Awareness Day on the 2nd Friday of May, annually.

Chairs:  Orsola Gawronski, Nurse, Italy; Idah Sendagala, AHP, Uganda; Qalab Abbas, Physician, Pakistan;


Kuban Naidoo, Physician, South Africa, Africa

Robin Saggers, Physician, South Africa, Africa

Joel Limand,  AHP, Singapore, Asia

Liying Yang, AHP, Singapore, Asia

Lynne Latten, AHP, UK, Europe

Lyvonne Tume, Nurse, UK, Europe

Cintia Johnston, AHP, Brazil, Latin America

Lorena Acevedo, Physician, Colombia, Latin America

Elis de Pellegrin Rossi, AHP, Brazil, Latin America

Kate Madden, Physician, USA, North America

Heidi Smith, Physician, USA, North America

Karen Choong, Physician, Canada, North America

World PICU Awareness Week themeICU Liberation Bundle.  Each region focuses on a different letter of the bundle.  Thanks to our collaboration with OPENPediatrics, every day during World PICU Awareness Week a podcast will be released by a different region sharing their experience.


We’re pleased to share that Japan is organizing daily #WPAW24 events from Tuesday to Friday at 18.00 Japan time on Zoom.  These are organized by team from the Chugoku and Shikoku District (Western Part of Honshu Island and Shikoku Island).

May 7: Nurses want to evaluate the patients by ultrasound, too.
May 8: Voices of congenital heart disease patients. Can we provide the better care by listening to them?
May 9: Current status of intensive care services to children in resource-limited area in Japan
May 10: ICU liberation; What we do in Okayama

Team Oceania- ICU Liberation Bundle A – C

“We discuss some practical impacts and challenges of the implementation of Sedation, Analgesia, Delirium and Withdrawal guidelines as part of Liberation initiatives in two Australian PICUs. Two years after the release of the PANDEM guidelines, how has this influenced sedation practices?”

Released May 5th, 2024

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Team Africa – ICU Liberation Bundle B

Released May 6, 2024

The B Element episode will focus on both Spontaneous Awakening Trials (SATs) and Spontaneous Breathing Trials (SBTs).

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Team North America ICU Liberation Bundle D

Released May 7, 2024

The D Element episode will focus on how to Assess, Prevent, and Manage Delirium.

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Team Asia – ICU Liberation Bundle E

Released May 8, 2024

The E Element episode will focus on Lessons and Experiences after launching an Early Mobilization Program.

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Team Latin America ICU Liberation Bundle F

Released on May 9, 2024

The F element episode highlights how important it is to understand the role of each family member in PICU care. What are the main problems and challenges experienced by family members in Latin America? We also talk about contextualizing children who are family members (siblings) and how to include them in the care of the patient during PICU care.

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Team Europe ICU Liberation Bundle N

Released on May 10, 2024

In this podcast Professor Lyvonne Tume and dietitian Lynne Latten discuss the role of nutrition within the PICU, how requirements are assessed, how we can monitor the impact of this nutrition has on outcome and what we need to think about once the child is liberated from the PICU.

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