Meet the WFPICCS Board and Officers 2024-2026

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We’re delighted to announce that the following people will serve on the WFPICCS Board starting either their first or second term.

Their term will be from June 6, 2024, until the next WFPICCS congress in 2026. We look forward to working closely with them to implement WFPICCS’s vision and mission.

Our officers

  • Jeffrey Burns, President
  • Brenda Morrow, immediate Past President
  • Jacqueline Ong, President-elect
  • Ali Ferguson, Secretary
  • Johnny Millar, Treasurer

Board members


  • Brenda Morrow, South Africa
  • Kuban Dhasaradha Naidoo, South Africa
  • Marie-Charlyne Fatima Kilba, Ghana


  • Jacqueline Ong, Singapore
  • Arun Bansal, India
  • Hiroshi Kurosawa, Japan
  • Hwa Jin Cho, South Korea


  • Orsola Gawronksi, Italy
  • Neil Spenceley, UK
  • Pierre Tissieres, France

Latin America 

  • Lorena Acevedo Sedano, Colombia
  • Carol Margeth Calderon Romero, Colombia
  • Manuel Enrique Soriano Aguilar, Mexico

 North America

  • Jeffrey Burns, USA
  • Mary Lihinie de Almeida, USA
  • Charlene Pringle, USA


  • Johnny Millar, Australia
  • Ali Ferguson, Australia
  • Amy Johansen, Australia
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