Industry Sponsored Sessions

Workshop Title:       Hands-on Session on Flexible Bronchoscopy in Sick Children

Date:                           Monday, June 3, 2024
Time:                           10:20 – 12:30 and continue at 13:40 – 16:00
Hall:                             Isla Mujeres 3-4

Symposium Speakers:
• Antonio Perez-Iranzo. PICU consultant. Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Birmingham
• Dr Cintia Johnston. Coordinator. PICU Consultant Sao Paolo. National director of Pediatrics
Limited spaced available. Registration required. 

Session Description:
A large number of patients admitted to the PICU present upper or lower airways pathology. Flexible Bronchoscopy (FB) is a unique tool, available at the bedside to diagnose these conditions and, in some cases provide treatment in the same intervention.We will have a one-day hands on session on flexible bronchoscopy in sick children, addressed to PICU consultants and senior trainees. Participants will be able to navigate a Flexible bronchoscope through specific bronchoscopy mannequins and training in different diagnostic and therapeutic procedures will be delivered.

Symposium Title:          Early initiation of NHF in ED for Paediatrics

Date & Time:                   Monday, June 3, 2024 & 12:50 – 13:35
Hall:                                    Hall E
Symposium Speaker:   Dr. Andreas Schibler (Professor, James Cook University, Queensland, Australia; Honorary Research Fellow, Wesley Research Institute; MRFF Practitioner Fellow, Critical Care Research Group)
Session Description:
Dr. Andreas Schibler is recognized as a world leader in pediatric acute respiratory medicine and intensive care, with over 30 years of academic work improving respiratory support methods for children. The PARIS and PARIS 2 trials were a series of large randomized controlled trials that have shaped the way nasal high flow is used in pediatric patients globally.
Join this symposium, sponsored by Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, to learn about how establishing nasal high flow early in pediatric patients can reduce escalation of care and admission to the PICU.

Symposium Title:         Neuromonitoring in the Perioperative period of the patient with Congenital Heart Disease, a mission beyond the Heart!

Date & Time:                   Tuesday, June 3, 2024 & 12:50 – 13:35
Hall:                                   Isla Mujeres 1-2
Symposium Speaker:  Dr Orlando Tamariz, Pediatric Cardiovascular Anesthesiologist, Pediatric Heart Center, ABC Mexico Hospital

Symposium Title:         Hemoadsorption – Beyond conventional therapies in pediatrics

Date & Time:                    Tuesday, June 4, 2024 & 12:30 – 13:35
Hall:                                    Hall D
Symposium Chair:         Dr. Manuel Soriano, México
Symposium Speaker:   Dr. Catalina Corrales, Especialista en Cuidado Intensivo Pediátrico, Universidad de la Sabana, Colombia