Dr. Hans-Jörg Lang

Hans-Jörg Lang completed his medical studies in Freiburg, Germany, and received training in pediatric intensive care medicine in the UK. For several years, he dedicated his efforts to working with development and humanitarian organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa and briefly in Afghanistan, including MSF, ALIMA, GIZ/CIM, and DED. In this capacity, he actively contributed to training programs and research projects, with a specific focus on ‘essential pediatric emergency and critical care.’
Hans-Jörg Lang has been actively involved in responding to Ebola virus (EBOV) outbreaks in DR-Congo (2019/2020), Guinea (2021), the Sudan EBOV outbreak in Uganda (2022), and the Marburg virus outbreak in Equatorial Guinea (2023).
In recent years, he has been engaged in various initiatives supported by the World Health Organization (WHO), including Ebola training and guideline development programs, the WHO/WFP-Initiate² project, which involves design of rapidly deployable treatment module for high consequence infectious diseases, and a WHO-led O2-access scale-up project.
Hans-Jörg Lang also takes an interest in climate-responsive health facility configuration and the use of renewable energy to ensure reliable electricity provision, ultimately improving access to essential paediatric care in low-resource contexts, particularly for populations exposed to humanitarian challenges.