2022 World PICU Awareness Week & Day

2022 World PICU Awareness Week & Day

The World PICU Awareness Week Committee exists to raise awareness about #PedsICU in general and any important themes impacting the specialty by engaging members and key stakeholders in awareness and advocacy activities at a global and regional level.  This 7 day event culminates in World PICU Awareness Day on the 2nd Friday of May, annually.

Chairs:  Ann-Marie Brown, Nurse, USA;  Luca Tortorolo, Physician, Italy; Idah Sendagala, AHP, Uganda

Sandy Staveski, Nurse, USA, North America

Yonca Bulut, Physician, USA, North America

Nate Serazin, Physician, USA, North America

Ivie D. Esangbedo, Physician, USA, North America

Jodi Mullen, Nurse, USA, North America

Blythe Pollack, Nurse, USA, North America

Mary Lihinie deAlmeida, Physician, USA, North America

Rebecca Silvers, Nurse, USA, North America

Stacey Sears, Nurse, USA, North America

Melina Handley, Nurse, USA, North America

Renad Abu-Sawwa, AHP – clinical pharmacist, USA, North America

Kelly Sheridan, AHP – dietician, USA, North America

Cassandra Brodhagen, AHP – Child Life Specialist, USA, North America

Anita Rose, AHP – Family G Tube and Trach Educator (RN), USA, North America

Caroline Potter, AHP – Child Life Specialist, USA, North America

Jodi Bloxham, Nurse, USA, North America

Michael-Alice Moga, Nurse, Canada, North America

Laurie Lee, Nurse, Canada, North America

Nicole Gilbert, AHP – Dietician, Canada, North America

Sebastian Godoy Salinas, AHP, Chile, Latin America

Adriana Ramírez Barrientos, Nurse, Colombia, Latin America

Natalia Andrea Henao Murilllo, Nurse, Colombia, Latin America

Santiago Martínez,  AHP, Chile, Latin America

Cintia Johnston, AHP, Brazil, Latin America

Milagritos López, Nurse, Peru, Latin America

Adriano Conrado, AHP – Occupational Therapist, Brazil, Latin America

Amparito Castro, Nurse, Brazil, Latin America

Ana Paula Bautzer,  AHP – Speech therapist, Brazil, Latin America

Werther Brunow de Carvalho, Physician, Brazil, Latin America

Alejandra Cortés, Physician, Chile, Latin America

Silvio Torres, Physician, Argentina, Latin America

Raffo Escalante, Physician, Perú, Latin America

Francisco José Cambra, Physician, España

Rocio Yerovi, Physician, Ecuador, Latin America

Jesús López-Herce, Physician, España

Jaime Fernández, Physician, Colombia, Latin America

Luis Moya, Physician, Guatemala, Latin America

Fabiola Castro, Physician, Chile, Latin America

Marta Marquez, Physician, México, Latin America

Parveen Kaur,  AHP-Physiotherapist, Singapore, Asia

Yujiro Matsuishi, Nurse, Japan, Asia

Poh Pei Fen, Nurse, Singapore, Asia

Deepika Harish,  Nurse, India, Asia

Milind Jambagi,  Physician, India, Asia

Rakshay Shetty, Physician, India, Asia

Hwa Jin Cho, Physician, South Korea, Asia

Rodelia G. Cipriano, Physician, The Philippines, Asia

Alvin C. Florentino, Physician, The Philippines, Asia

Mellinor A. Ang Physician, The Philippines, Asia

Qalab Abbas, Physician, Pakistan, Asia

Sidra Ishaque, Physician, Pakistan, Asia

Xiaoyang Hong, Physician, China, Asia

Ali Ferguson, AHP – physiotherapist, Australia, Oceania

Sarah Wright, AHP – physiotherapist, Australia, Oceania

Debbie Long, Nurse, Australia, Oceania

Tara-Jane Clark  AHP – Health Psychologist, Australia, Oceania

Rahul Joshi, Physician, Australia, Oceania

Alex Hussey, Physician, New Zealand, Oceania

Paula Lister, Physician, Australia, Oceania

Teresa Campbell, Nurse, Nurse, Oceania

Brenda Morrow, AHP – physiotherapist, South Africa, Africa

Halalisani Ngema, AHP – Social Worker, South Africa, Africa

Irene Chueu, Physician,  South Africa, Africa

Ilse Appel, Physician, South Africa, Africa

Charlyne Kilba, Physician, Ghana, Africa

Jenala Njiram’Madzi, Physician, Malawi, Africa

Laura Ajidiru, AHP, Uganda, Africa

Stella Elikplim Lawerteh, AHP, Ghana, Africa

Dorothy Adjabu, AHP, Ghana, Africa

Asma Salloo, Physician, South Africa, Africa

Prakash M. Jeena, Physician,  South Africa, Africa

Rudo Mathivha, Physician,  South Africa, Africa

Stehilia Tshukutsoane, Nurse, South Africa, Africa

Lincoln Solomon, Physician, South Africa, Africa

Noor Parker, Physician, South Africa, Africa

Halalisani Ngema, AHP – Social worker, South Africa, Africa

Marleen Petersen, Nurse, South Africa, Africa

Bernadet Francis, Nurse,  South Africa, Africa

Manal Alasnag, Physician, Saudi Arabia, Middle East

Maha Ahmad, AHP, Saudi Arabia, Middle East

Feras Abu Dayeh, Nurse, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Joseph Manning, Nurse, UK, Europe

Gawronski Orsola, Nurse, Italy, Europe

Miguel Rodríguez Rubio, Physician, Spain, Europe

Martin Kneijber, Physician, The Netherlands, Europe

Akash Deep, Physician, UK, Europe

Anna Zanin, Physician, Italy, Europe

Simon Gates, AHP – physiotherapist, UK, Europe

Pauline Janssen-Raymkers, Nurse, The Netherlands, Europe

Bianka Rama, Nurse, Italy, Europe

Oğuz Dursun, Physician, Turkey

Zoltan Gyorgyi, Physician, Hungary, Europe

World PICU Awareness Week themeThe Family in the PICU.   Each region will choose a topic relevant to their region and organise a 45min pre-recorded webinar which will be launched on their awareness and will include a live Q&A component at a time convenient to each region.   The World PICU Day will be organised by WFPICCS.

The allocated days for each region in 2022 are:

  • Monday 9th May – Oceania
  • Tuesday 10th May – North America, Latin/South America & The Caribbean
  • Wednesday 11th May – Africa, Europe & Middle East
  • Thursday, 12th May – Asia
  • Friday 13th May – World PICU Day