Peter C. Laussen: Short Bio

Peter C. Laussen

Boston Children’s Hospital, USA

In May 2020, Peter started as the Executive Vice President of Health Affairs at Boston Children’s Hospital and Professor in Anaesthesia at Harvard University. Peter was born and raised in Australia and graduated from Melbourne University Medical School in 1980. He subsequently completed fellowships in anaesthesia and pediatric critical care medicine at Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, before moving to Boston Children’s Hospital, Massachusetts in 1992 where he worked in both the divisions of cardiac anesthesia and cardiac intensive care for the next 20 years. In 2002 he was appointed Chief of the Division of Cardiovascular Critical Care and to the Dolly D. Hansen Chair in Pediatric Anesthesia at Boston Children’s Hospital, and in 2008 was appointed as Professor of Anaesthesia at Harvard Medical School. In 2012, Dr. Laussen was recruited to the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), Toronto, as Chief of the Department of Critical Care Medicine and held the David and Stacey Cynamon Chair in Critical Care Medicine. He was a Senior Associate Scientist at the Research Institute and co-chair of the Artificial Intelligence in Medicine steering committee at SickKids.

Dr. Laussen has extensive experience with clinical research and educational activities in cardiac critical care and anaesthesia. Over the past decade he has focused on systems and human engineering applied to critical care, and the use of high and low frequency physiologic signals for predictive modelling in pediatric critical care (; he is the lead developer of an innovative web-based data visualization platform called T3 (Tracking Trajectory Trigger tool). Dr. Laussen is a co-founder in 2006 of the international “Risky Business” risk management, safety and quality conferences ( which brings together leaders in high-risk industries to discuss ways of improving the safety and quality of health care.